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2021 New Year's CEO message

Hello, all PSK global members
This is Kevin Lee, CEO of PSK.
First, I wish you and your family members, Happy New Year in 2021.

The past 2020 was a very difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Not only economically, but also socially and psychologically, the whole world has gone through very confusing and difficult times. I appreciate you and your families for the wellness of all and the good operation of the company. 
And in 2021, as a first thing to consider, I would like to ask you to keep taking care of wellness of you and your families as well as our workplaces until the society is fully recovered from the unprecedented pandemic.

With the start of vaccination this year, we expect the world to recover gradually from the pandemic and the economy to recover, too.
The 4th Industrial Revolution, which has led the innovation of the IT industry, will accelerate with the advent of non-face-to-face and online telecommunications-connected society at a much faster pace than we expected.
In this environment, semiconductor is an industry that plays a key role, and PSK is in the middle of such a core industry.

Semiconductor industry is expecting conservative but aggressive investment this year.
We see the semiconductor demand is increasing due to cloud server, video service, and 5G smartphone this year. Also, the artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and remote medical treatment are expected to drive new demand in the long term. Therefore, semiconductor device makers plan to expand investment from the beginning of this year, and this can be a positive signal to PSK.
The semiconductor industry, where we belong to, is where there are so many opportunities, but also tremendous competitions to occupy the market by technology innovation. In order to gain more market share, we set the corporate strategy of this year as Flexible mindset and Agile execution.
To increase organizational efficiency in the coming days, we decided headquarter to be more product-based and focused.
The OP center and BA center will continue to lead the company's operations centrally and organically as before. 
The new two product divisions are Dry strip division and Cleaning & Etch division. They will work on not only technical development of the products, but also customer support, sales, and marketing of the products. They will make decision and execution more flexible and agile under the leadership of new product divisions.

The Q&S team and Core Technology team will directly report to me to strengthen and operate independently key functions as quality, system and technology development for the future. 
PSK Asia, America, China, and Japan will also directly report to me so that we expect to support global customers more extensively and responsively.

Dear PSK global members,
The industrial society these days, changes take place every day, sometimes big and sometimes unpredictably. I believe that the success and the survival of the one organization is determined by responsiveness to the change and how quickly it can respond.
We have to recognize and prepare for changes to come not only for this year but also in the future, and we work together to make PSK to be the global WFE company in post-COVID days.
Finally, the most important thing is the wellness of you and your family members. There are still tough times left before us, let's take good control of ourselves and make great achievements of PSK goal together this year, 2021.

Thank you.
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