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PSK Inc., Intel EPIC Valued Supplier Award Winner 2022 for Q…

PSK is proud to announce that we have earned the Intel EPIC Valued Supplier Award for Quality. PSK is not only 

one of the 12 companies that received the EPIC Valued Award in 2022 among thousands of Intel's thousands of 

suppliers worldwide, but also PSK and Daewon Industrial are the only Korean companies with a total of 44 EPIC Awards in 2022.


Intel's EPIC(Excellence, Partnership, Inclusion, and Continuous Improvement) Award is awarded in three categories: 

Outstanding, Distinguished, and Valued. Outstanding is awarded to companies that have the best performance 

and a relentless drive to improve, Distinguished is awarded to companies that consistently exceed Intel's expectations, 

and Valued is awarded to companies that have made a positive impact on Intel as well as have made outstanding contributions in a specific area.


PSK received high marks in three areas: Quality, Technology Development, and Service. In particular, PSK received 

the Valued-Quality Award in recognition of both the equipment quality and the company's quality. This means 

that production and management through the processes and systems that PSK is aiming for are also applicable to global customers.


Additional information related to the EPIC Supplier Awards can be found below.

Intel EPIC Supplier Awards page


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