Based on technology accumulated over 30 years, PSK Group has been continuously ranked No. 1, with the largest market share worldwide in plasma dry strip (photoresist stripping) application in semiconductor manufacturing. With making the leap towards becoming the “Global Leader in Total Processing Equipment” through sustainable growth as our vision of the future, we are continuously striving to become a Global Top 10 Semiconductor Equipment provider by 2025.

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Wafer fabrication is a procedure composed of many repeated sequential processes to produce complete electrical or photonic circuits on semiconductor wafers.

  • Dry strip system
  • Dry cleaning system
  • New hard mask strip system
  • Edge clean system
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3D IC Packaging is a procedure of multiple packaging processes to achieve vertical stacks, which increase chip density and maximize performance including Wafer-level packaging.

  • Plasma surface treatment system
  • Reflow system
  • Hot DI system
  • Plasma source
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Securing future growth engines

Securing long-term future growth engines by expanding the development of core equipment

Joint development of process technology and equipment

Joint development of ultra-fine processing technology and equipment with first-class customers

Strengthening the domestic industrial base

Strengthening the domestic industrial base by expanding the critical development of component

Contribution to semiconductor manufacturing technology

Contribution to the development of various semiconductor manufacturing technologies based on the 4th Industrial Revolution