Next technology

PSK Group will become a leading player in the 4th industrial revolution developing devices, materials, components, equipment, and design technologies for next-generation semiconductor industry used in automobiles, the Internet of Things, and wearable smart devices.

Developing core manufacturing technologies for next-generation semiconductors

PSK Group owns next-generation semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Big Data and internalized simulation technology are applied to quality improvement of process technology & equipment and design optimization.

Securing base technologies and know-how for high-selectivity required for scaling of semiconductor processes, and has applied for patents on high-selectivity technology.

Securing know-how for the future

PSK Group has proprietary plasma source technology and high-speed transfer technology for next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

We have secured the world's top core technologies, hardware & software semiconductor and high-speed transfer technology, materializing PR Strip equipment with the highest throughput of semiconductor equipment on the market.

PSK Group has secured various technologies and the know-how required for dry semiconductor surface treatment.

We are actively developing technologies in etching and high-tech dry cleaning processes.

With core technologies for next-generation semiconductor manufacturing, PSK Group will play a leading role in the semiconductor equipment industry.

We are collaborating with over 40 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide to develop future semiconductor manufacturing technologies in most areas of both memory and non-memory semiconductors.