PSK has a variety of core technologies and product application, including semiconductor equipment process technologies as well as source, hardware, and software technologies.

World-class competitiveness as global leader

  • PSK's dry strip equipment holds the largest market share wordwide and top-tier technology.
  • Our equipment is selectively being developed and advanced by careful vetting of each model.
  • Through our research and development, we expect to become the leader of the field and maintain technological competitiveness in the market.

The world's best plasma oxide cleaning process

  • Plasma oxide cleaning(POC) is a dry cleaning process which removes unnecessary oxide films, such as natural oxides, from the Si surface before the deposition process.
  • POC is a scalable technology which can be extended to the oxide recess etch back process.
  • PSK's dry cleaning equipment plays an important roles in entering the 10nm-class DRAM semiconductors era, and PSK becomes as the world's most competitive manufaturing company replacing Japanese dry cleaning equipment.
  • In order to maintain our technological advantage, PSK is continuously pushing the envelope to research and develop new technologies.

No plasma damage, higher selectivity

  • New hard mask(NHM) strip equipment features a selective removal of highly etching-resistant films with high selectivity technology for lower films such as oxide and nitride films.
  • Through our continuing research, we aim to improve facility productivity by improving strip rate.

High Throughput with better uniformity & low CoO

  • Edge clean removes all types of films on the edge of the wafer, whether dielectric, metallic, or organic.
  • Edge yield can be improved through in-process changes to the edge of the wafer and removal of contaminants in the form of particles.
  • With continuous R&D investment and PSK's drive to face new challenges, we make sure existing equipment performance stays upmost for the level of full customer satisfaction.
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