PSK Group R&D center

We pursue R&D with the goal of creating new value in the global field of semiconductor equipment, discovering new engines for growth and securing advanced technologies to prepare for the future. We are actively investing to secure innovative technologies faster enough to lead the market.

With PSK Group's independently developed and original technologies in recent years, we have successfully secured technologies through indepedent and joint development, and we own hundreds of doemstic and international intellectual property rights, patent and trademarks.

Operation of R&D center

Technology development in various academic fields such as electrical, electronics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, materials, and optics

Process development in device and parts with cooperation partners

Collaborative development with research institutions such as universities

Active R&D investment every year

Performance of R&D center

Contribution to 10-nm DRAM development and production by replacing existing wet method with dry cleaning

Contribution to mass production of new hard mask strip process for the first time in the world

Evaluating mass production of new equipment by targeting niche markets in etching field

Contribution to dry process technology using plasma and gas replacing existing wet method technology

Development of key parts such as plasma sources for new equipment

Long-term project for developing etchers, a core piece of equipment in semiconductor processes

The Future of R&D center

In order to secure future engines for growth, PSK Group is pursuing continuous efforts in human resource management in R&D. Scheduled to be established in 2021, Pangyo R&D Campus will be the center and groudwork for the future of PSK Group.